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Student / Parent Resources updated 3/18/2014!

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The Title 1 Program here at East Range II is a federally funded program that provides extra help in reading, writing and/or mathematics for eligible students.
If your child has computer access at home, there are many great educational websites available to help your child become more successful in reading and math. There are links available on our website, which will be updated as necessary. If you would like any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to call us at 796-2665.

Upcoming Title 1 Committee Meetings:


Student / Parent Resources

Grades 1-8
Math Games
Learn to tell time

Grades K-8
Easy Money Counting
Internet 4 Classrooms

Grades 1-6
-Free online math games for grades 1-6
-Free printable worksheets

Grades 2-3
Addition Games
Subtraction Games

Grades K-8
-Free online math games

Grades K-6
-Free online games for all subjects

Grades K-2
Internet Enhanced Literacy
ICT Games
Literacy & Numeracy Games
Interactive Math Skill Builders

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