Computers & Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The use of the internet at East Range II school is very special. It is the result of a tremendous amount of time and effort invested by school personnel. The use of computer technology and internet access is an integral part of the mission of the school. Your child will gain valuable internet communications skills including the following: e-mail, ftp (for downloading files), telnet (for talking to other computer systems), world wide web, Gopher, keyboard searches and more.

The student is expected to follow all guidelines in the East Range II acceptable Use policy as well as those given orally by staff and to demonstrate ethical behavior that is of the highest order in using network facilities.  Students are also expected to realize that the opportunity to use the network and the associated internet resources goes hand and hand with the responsibility to use the computers and the internet properly.

Any action by a student that might harm the computer equipment, software, impair their effective use, or show disregard for the proper procedures set up for the network access will NOT be tolerated.

Since there are multiple computers in the building for student access then, as a parent/ guardian of East Range II, I understand that the teaching staff of East Range II can NOT monitor all the information my child is accessing or downloading while in the classroom. Both my child and I understand that either the accessing of or saving of inappropriate material, such as pornography, will not be tolerated. Accessing material will result in loss of privileges of using the network at East Range II and may result in academic penalties.

Parents should feel free to call the teaching staff at 796-2665 to address any concerns they may have about their child’s access to the internet.

Before using East Range II’s internet facilities, both the student and the parent guardian must sign below indicating that you and your child are aware of and agree to abide by requirements stated in the East Range II acceptable use policy along with the student behavior guidelines for East Range II.

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