Principals Report

September 20, 2016
East Range II School Report
September 12, 2016

New Teacher/Duties
Mrs. Bethany Kennedy has joined our school family as our Sped/Title I teacher. Mrs. Kennedy brings with her many years of experience, is settling right in and is enjoying our collaborative atmosphere!

Joy Noyes is teaching grades 4 and 5 this year.

Paula Johnson is teaching grades 1-3 this year.

Charles Murphy will continue to be our half-time math teacher for the 7th and 8th grade math, junior high spelling, and will have a WIN group. Mr. Murphy will be coming in the mornings this year.

Susan Murphy will continue to to educate our students in the realm of art. Our students are excited and got right down to work creating wonderful art pieces. Some of their pieces are on display in the hallway for all to see.

Breena Hood, Ed Tech III and is splitting her time between our special education program and the Title I classroom. Ms. Hood also is responsible for the grades K-3 and 4-5 physical education.
Lacee Cropley, Ed Tech II she is continuing to work on completing her academic work towards an Ed Tech III certification. Ms. Cropley also splits her time between Title I and the regular classroom. Under the guidance of Mrs. G she is helping teach science and physical education to our 6, 7, & 8th grade students.

John Fickett will continue our K-8 music classes on Fridays and will produce our winter and spring concerts.

We welcome aboard Stacie Moore who will be preparing snacks and lunch for our students.

We will have two (2) people on duty during the morning and afternoon recesses. This will enable there to be an adult outside, when the other adult needs to take care of a situation.

We have adjusted our daily schedule to include WIN (What I Need) segment. The students will be participating in math and reading on alternate days. This twenty (20) minute block of time will be used to reinforce the core concepts being covered in their classes.

Title I (PS)
Alan Pfieffer will continue to help our school successfully complete the indicators of our school improvement plan. Mr. Pfeiffer will be visiting our school throughout the year. We also have a literary coach, Brittany Arbo, she is helping us gather and analyse our student data. The information will be used to help our teaching staff better serve our students’ needs.

Professional Development
This summer Bethany Kennedy and myself attended the Summer Literacy Institutes in Brewer. Bethany Kennedy, Joy Noyes and myself also attended the Best Practices for Supporting Students Living in Poverty workshop in Bangor. I also attended the MDOE Training Workshop in Lewiston and Organizing Data Workshop in Waterville.

Burr Brakeman worked hard to make sure the new soccer nets were up and ready for the students’ first practice. Burr and Mr. Murphy with their map and measuring tape in hand, made sure the lines are in the right place. GO RANGERS!!!

Coach Heidi Sappier and assistant coach Breena Hood will once again lead our junior high co-ed soccer team this year. The team has already held a practice session to prepare for their first game slated for September 26th. The students are excited and working hard. We are still trying to add more games…stay tuned!

Coach Paula Johnson has begun our pewee season with their first practice under their belt. The students are excited, working hard to learn the game and having lots of fun!

School Ready for Opening Day
Burr has done a awesome job preparing our school for the new year. The gym and school floors shined so bright, you could see your reflection in them!!!

Our staff participated in the opening day workshop at the Woodland High School where we learned all about google docs. The next day was spent here at East Range II with our Literacy coach, Brittany Arbo to prepare for the new year. The teachers came in on their own time on Wednesday to make sure they were ready for the first day with our amazing students!

We have a outstanding crew here at East Range II School! I am looking forward to a exciting and successful year of learning with our students!

Submitted by,
Donna M. Gagnon
East Range II Principal

May 2, 2016

MEA’S: We are well into finishing up our Science MEA testing. 5th graders need to complete the survey and 8th graders need to complete their last test.  All testing will be completed by May 6, 2016.

WIN: Students continue to look forward to our math and reading WIN times. “What I Need” is part of our response to intervention (RTI) for our students.

SOFTBALL: Coach Murphy and his assistant Todd Cilley  have started practicing with the students in grade 5-8. Stay tuned for game details.

PEEWEE BASKETBALL: Ms. Johnson’s K-3 group will finish their season tomorrow night with the parent/student game!

BOOKS-FOR-BIKES: Just before April vacation the bicycles were given out to the lucky student readers. The students had an opportunity to read any book and put their name in for a drawing. There were two bikes drawn for each classroom, for one boy and one girl. Our K-2 read 108 books!! Because of their accomplishment they received four bikes. For more information, please refer to the Friday Announcements or our website at www.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR: Our Book Fair was a success under the tutelage of Mrs. Noyes again this year! We received $498 worth of books for our classrooms and library.

SHRINE CIRCUS: Mrs. Noyes brought out 4th grade students to the circus on Saturday, April 30th. Six of our eight students traveled with the East Grand students on their bus. Fun was had by all.

SEEDS: The Hart Seed Company donated various flower and vegetable seeds to our school via the Waite General Store. The Waite General Store provided the pots and soil. Our students planted flower seeds and are anxious to see them grow. Stay tuned!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Grades 3-8 trip to Bangor on Monday, May 16th to the Collins Center For the Arts to see the Bangor Symphony Orchestra and the K-2 class will go to Princeton Elementary School to watch ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’

School Wide Science Fair – Wednesday, May 18th 5-7pm

Spring Concert – Tuesday, May 24th 6:30pm

Eighth Grade Graduation and Awards Ceremony – Tuesday, June 14 6:30pm

Last Student Day of School – Wednesday, June 15