Letter to Parents – MEA Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian,
The Maine Educational Assessments (MEA) includes required assessments in Mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy, and Science. In 2015-16, Maine transitioned to new general assessments and a new reporting system. For 2016-17, both the assessments and the reporting system remain unchanged. The testing protocol for the 2016-17 administration will be familiar to the students and the educators.
The 2016-17 State summative assessment in Mathematics and ELA/Literacy for grades 3-8 will again be the eMPowerME delivered online by Measured Progress. The third year high school assessment of Mathematics and ELA/Literacy will again be the redesigned SAT delivered by the College Board. The MEA Science continues to be a paper/pencil test delivered by Measured Progress.
In the coming months, Maine will administer the eMPowerME, SAT, and MEA Science tests. The testing windows for the assessments are as follows:

eMPowerME (Grades 3-8): March 20 – April 14
eMPowerME Essay (Grades 3-8): May 8 – May 19
SAT School Day Administration: April 5
MEA Science (Grades 5, 8): April 24 – May 5
MEA Science (Third year High School): April 3 – April 14

These assessments match the content and skills outlined in the standards that guide instruction in the classroom and provide valuable information about student learning. We are committed to providing accurate information to parents and families in our community about the value of student participation in statewide assessments. These assessments help to identify the areas in each subject where a student needs additional support and where he or she has mastered the content and can be challenged to go deeper into the subject matter⎯information that is useful for parents, teachers, students, and school administrators.
As a parent, you can use the information from the test to help support your child at home and guide a discussion with your child’s teacher to identify what, if any, additional support is necessary in school. Teachers use the information to guide their instruction and provide more personalized activities and learning opportunities for students. Students can work on the areas where they need improvement to ensure they are staying on track to be successful in the next grade level. In areas where students excel, teachers can provide appropriately challenging work to ensure they continue to be engaged and advance their knowledge. While no single test can give a complete picture of achievement, when combined with student grades and teacher reports, it can provide important information about student progress.
Both the Maine Department of Education and our district are working to limit the amount of testing at the state and district level to ensure that tests provide meaningful information for teachers, students and parents. When a student does not participate in the state assessment, valuable information is lost. We are committed to student achievement, and the MEA raises the bar for our students to ensure they are on the path to success. We are confident that with the quality instruction delivered by our dedicated educators, and your support, our students can meet and exceed these expectations. We encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher with any questions you may have about the MEA or your child’s progress.
Thank you,

Donna M. Gagnon
ERII Principal


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