The Second Annual ERII Science Fair

The list of winners is as follows:


1st Place: Emma McIver

2nd Place: Paige Christensen

3rd Place: Kimberly Thompson

Natural Disasters:

1st Place: Phoebe Thornton

2nd Place: Natalie Harriman

3rd Place: Haylee Scott

3rd Place: Waylen Clough


1st Place: Dillanne Hampton

2nd Place: Kayla Long

3rd Place: Lilly Rhoades


1st Place: Owen Patoine

2nd Place: Kale Grass

3rd Place: Cody Merritt


1st Place: Aaron Cilley

2nd Place: Connor Fogg

3rd Place: Morgan Burrill


1st Place: Austin Beach

2nd Place: Gabby Allen

3rd Place: Allen Cilley


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