Principal’s Report for March

East Range II School Report
March 6, 2017

School Wide Comprehensive Improvement Plan
As the year continues, we carry on our work towards amending our school’s improvement plan. We are working diligently to ensure that our children receive the best education possible. We are using our gathered data and professional development opportunities to make informed decisions and/or adjustments in our differentiated teaching methods and for our WIN groupings (response to intervention).
Our improvement plan may be viewed at anytime by going to (Dirigostar) and sign in with S14410, password S14410. Our plan remains as a work in progress. Our ELA coach, Brittany Arbo, is instrumental in our ability to gather, analyze and execute individual plans that will help our students become more confident and knowable readers.

Our DOE/Priority coach, Al Pfieffer, continues to support us in our efforts in our school’s improvement plan.

What I Need (WIN) time, part of our response to intervention, is being enjoyed by both students and staff. We are supplementing, introducing, and creating different items from what the students do in their regular classes. The staff are providing student support and enhancements through hands-on, friendly competition, and reenforcement of basic skills. The daily thirty minute time set aside for WIN has proven to be a positive learning experience for all our students.

We have instituted a system that helps identified students organize their assignment and materials for the day’s work. The students check-in in the morning with Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. G and all students check-out in the afternoon with Mrs. Kennedy. Parents are liking this way of helping their child(ren) with working towards having all work completed on time. Incentives are in the works!

Our seventh and eighth grades students participated in Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS) 2017 on March 1st. The survey is part of a study being done by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Department of Education to help them get the information needed to plan important health-based programs to deal with problems such as drug abuse and violence in our school and community. The information will also help us to learn how well current programs are working.

Math Challenge Questions
There is a new math question that is posted in the hallway on the bulletin board every day for any of our students to complete. The student who has the most correct answers will receive kudos and a math lapel pin! We have seven (7) questions posted to date, can you answer them?

Student Artist of the Month
February’s artist is Own Patoine and co-artist is Aaron Cilley. Their pieces are on display above the doors in the inside west entry way. They have both done an outstanding job, as well as all of our students!

Professional Learning Committee
At our last PLC meeting, we worked on our extended day schedule, reviewed reading curriculums, and set up study hall for selected individuals.
Three of us, Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Kennedy, and Mrs. G attended the NAMI workshop at Princeton Elementary School on Friday.

Communicating with Parents
We continue to place information on our website to keep our parents informed. We are also sending home weekly announcements with our students on Fridays. When we have special events, we may even give each parent a courtesy call. When students are absent, we make a call home to check in. In our opinion we have the best parents around!

Floor Hockey
Coach Murphy has begun the floor hockey program, schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.

Pee Wee Basketball should be starting soon under the tutelage of Ms. Johnson.

Submitted by,

Donna M. Gagnon, Principal


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