Student Celebration for the First Quarter





Honor Roll Students:

Matthew Glidden, Kayla Long, Dillanne Hampton, Gabby Allen, Faith Fogg, Owen Patoine, Waylen Clough, Austin Beach, Phoebe Thornton, McKenna Rhoades, Taylor Gilman, Natalie Harriman (not pictured), & Haylee Scott (not pictured)

High Honors: Lilly Rhoades



Students of the Quarter:

Dillanne Hampton, Matthew Glidden & Evan Main



Star Math, Star Reading and Most Improved:

Landon Ripley, Paige Christensen, Evan Main




Perfect Attendance:

Connor Fogg, Waylen Clough, Jacob Merritt, Gabby Allen, Allen Cilley, Cody Merritt, Morgan Burrill, Faith Fogg, Emma McIver, Evan Main, Maria Bigger & Haylee Scott (not pictured).



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