Principal’s Report

East Range II School Report
November 7, 2016

WIN Time
Students continue to receive added instruction/experience with various elements that are needed to help them be successful in reading and mathematics. With the help of our literacy specialist, we will be adjusting our groups to better serve our students. We will be extending our WIN Time to thirty (30) minutes once we have completed our analysis of our data. WIN time is the integral part of RTI (response to intervention) for our students.

Literacy Specialist
Brittany Arbo, literacy specialist continues to help with the collecting and analysis our data, this allows our staff to make the appropriate changes to better serve our students. We have completed the first Star Reading (computerized assessment) and DIBELS assessment, this data is being used to make pertinent adjustments to our instruction and interventions. Mrs. Arbo and the data team will continue to analyze our data throughout the year.
Mrs. Arbo’s next on site visit is scheduled for Thursday,November 10. Our ultimate goal has been and continues to be to better serve our students’ needs so that they may be successful and become life long learners.

Professional Development
Mrs. Kennedy and Ms. Johnson have attended the first workshop in a series facilitated by the Maine DOE and teacher leaders from across the state. . They traveled to Orono to part take in “A Closer Look at Formative Assessment”. During our next PLC, the ladies will share the knowledge they gained about formative assessment. They will be attended two more sessions throughout the year.

School Wide Title I (Priority School)
Al Pfeiffer, our state coach, came for a visit on Friday, October 28th. We continue to work on our comprehensive plan through Dirigostar. We work on specific indicators using the wise ways as a guide to help us reach our goal of improving student gains. To view our complete comprehensive plan (a work in progress), you may visit (Dirigostar) and sign in with S14410, password S14410.

Reading at Home
“Read at Home” challenge continues!! Students in grades 1-8 are encouraged to read to a parent, sibling, or caregiver for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes per day. The students may read a book on their reading level, a textbook, magazine article, newspaper, etc. Students will be keeping a log of their daily reading, for every one hundred (100) minute increments students will receive a small reward. As the students bring in their completed logs indicating 100 minutes of reading, they will receive their small prize. On December 22, first (1st), second (2nd), and third (3rd) places prizes will be awarded to the students who have read the most.

Substitute Bus Driver
We are in need of a substitute bus driver. Both our current driver will need to take a day here or there and possibly more. Each time one of our drivers are out, we only have one bus doing the runs, because of this some of our students arrive late and possibly have to leave early. We have placed a notice on our website and Friday Announcements.

North Door
Our door is finally complete, our lock went in last Thursday. It looks good and more importantly it is much more energy efficient.

Our season has come to an end, both teams, grades 5-8 and grades 1-4 learned that team work is an essential part of the game. Both teams played against their parents and of course the students won!!!

The girls team is being coached by Coach Murphy again this year, practice and game schedules have been sent home.
The boys team is being coached by Coach Heidi this year, they have one practice under their belts and another schedule for this week. Game schedule has gone out and a new practice schedule will be sent home soon.

Artist of the Month
Artist of the Month for October is Caden Burrill.

I am extremely proud of all our students, staff and school environment. We have people that go above and beyond everyday!

Submitted by,

Donna M. Gagnon
East Range II Principal


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