Spring Fling Week! Photos added daily!

Calling all superheroes!!!

Spring Fling Week is coming right up… May 9th – 13th. We’re going with a Superhero theme this year. Each day will be filled with super activities, snacks, dress-up, treats and much more. Below is a schedule of the Dress-Up days. If you have any questions, please call the school at 796-2665.

-Mrs. Noyes

Monday: Super sports day

Tuesday: Super crazy hair day

Wednesday: Super sun day (shorts/top, appropriate for school, sandals, beach towel, sunglasses…)

Thursday: Super wacky dress day (try to look as crazy as possible…mixed colors, patterns, unmatched shoes)

Friday: Superhero Day (create your own superhero and come dressed as him / her. Or, you can be a superhero that’s already been created…NO VILLIANS!)

Monday Relays- Kryptonite Disposer Race! Sports Day!

Tuesday Relays – Spiderman Catch a Villian! Crazy Hair Day!

Wednesday – Super Sun Day!

Thursday – Super Duper Obstacle Course!

Friday – Super Game Day!


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