Student of the Quarter Assembly

Today, we held our Student of the Quarter assembly, to give recognition to our students for their hard work, perfect attendance, and goal making.

For the Third Quarter…


Students of the Quarter:
Natalie Harriman (grade 3), Grayson Rhoades (grade 8), and Evan Main (grade 2)

Perfect Attendance:
Cassi Stoddard, Grayson Rhoades, Dillanne Hampton, Gabrielle Allen, Lilly Rhoades, Faith Fogg, Owen Patoine, Natalie Harriman, McKenna Rhoades, Emma McIver, Haylee Scott, Connor Fogg

STAR Students:
Landon Ripley, Payton Walker, and Haylee Scott

Honor Roll:
Austin Beach, Fred Varney, Cassi Stoddard, Grayson Rhoades, Faith Fogg, Kayla Long, Lilly Rhoades, Christina Varney, Phoebe Thornton (Who received High Honors!!), Taylor Gilman, and Waylen Clough.


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