2016 Hockey Schedule

Hockey Season is Here!

Here are the hockey teams and the season schedule. Justin, Tevin, and AJ are the captains this year. Remember that the captain who is not playing still needs to be at the gym because it will be his responsibility to run the scoreboard.

Justin’s Team:
Cody Sprague
Nathan Gilman
Josh Fogg
Connor Fogg
Faith Fogg
Cassi Stoddard

Tevin’s Team:
Windsor Brooks
Jessica Rhoades
Gabby Allen
Mrs. G.
Jacob Harriman
Aaron Cilley
Wendy Cilley

AJ’s Team:
Arthur Beach
Brittany Beach
Kale Grass
Debbie Grass
Kasey Grass
Lacee Crowley

Game Schedule:
Tuesday, March 1 Justin vs. Tevin
Thursday, March 3 Justin vs. AJ
Tuesday, March 8 Tevin vs. AJ
Thursday, March 10 Tevin vs. Justin
Tuesday, March 15 AJ vs. Justin
Tuesday, March 22 AJ vs. Tevin
Tuesday, March 29 PLAYOFFS – third place team vs. second place team
Thursday, March 31 CHAMPIONSHIP – winner of Tuesday vs. first place team


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