Tim Caverly Visits ERII

On Monday, September 21, author Tim Caverly came to visit the 3-8th grade students.  Tim Caverly is a New England author who has written and published six books about Maine’s north woods. For the last several years he has been presenting a series of power point programs about Maine’s nationally designated Wild and Scenic River-The Allagash; throughout New England. In the last six years they have presented 148 programs to over 5,000 students to encourage literacy and exploration of Maine’s natural world.

Tim’s background is that he was a park ranger for Maine’s Park Service for 32 years and during that time, he supervised the Allagash Wilderness Waterway for 18 years.

Tim presented to us the following program.

 Program 2) An Allagash Haunting-A Radio Classic : A damping cloak of darkness

approaches and brings a new meaning to the old saying “in the eye of the storm…Canoe with 10 year old Olivia when as she finds herself canoeing in the remote woods. In perhaps the worst storm ever…

WHOU F.M. radio has professionally adapted the play An Allagash Haunting  into an over the air broadcast. During the program listeners will hear snapping campfires, ghostly music and the haunting call of a loon, while over 120 scenic and historic pictures of the Maine woods display on screen.

You can find more about the Allagash Tails by visiting Tim’s website here: Allagash Tails


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