Ms. Morrison’s Class – The 100th Day of School!

Today, Thursday February 12, was our 100th day of school! We never thought this day would come after all the snow days we have had but it’s here! We have been counting down to the 100th day of school all year, so we were very excited this morning when we arrived at school! We began the day by sharing our collections of 100. Afterwards, we headed down to the gym to see what Ms. Morrison had planned for us. Ms. Morrison set up 7 stations, each containing an activity involving the number 100.

At the first and second stations we found stickers, strips of paper to make crowns, buttons, and all kinds of other art supplies. We picked 10 strips of paper and on each strip did something different. On one strip we punched out 10 holes, on another we put on 10 stars, then 10 letter sticks on another, and this continued until all 10 strips of paper had 10 things. Then we stapled these strips to a larger strip of paper to make our “100 Days Smarter!” crowns.

At the third station we found paper with a giant jar of gumballs drawn on it. Each jar had 100 gumballs. We used the q-tips to mark off each gumball with paint as we counted our way to 100. This station was a little tricky because the gumballs weren’t all in order.

At the fifth station was a 100 piece puzzle. We worked in our groups of 3 to try and complete the puzzle. It was pretty tricky and we got a good chunk of it completed but not the entire thing!

At the sixth station we used linking cubes, coins, and counters to make stacks of 10 to 100. We used our skills of counting by 10’s to 100. We used the materials to make stacks of 10, 10 times. Some of us made one long train of 100 linking cubes!

At the final station, we used yarn and fruit loops to create necklaces of 100. Not everyone got to finish this station be we still had fun!

After morning recess we came back to the classroom and Ms. Morrison had us keep our eyes closed at our seats. When we opened them, she told us that there was 100 Hershey Kisses hiding in the classroom!! She put the giant 100 chart on the floor and as we found the Hershey Kisses we would place them on the chart. We found all 100 (well, 99… Ms. Morrison thinks her mom may have snuck one from the jar before she came to school!) After we found all the kisses, Ms. Morrison gave us each a plain white t-shirt. Since we all have been learning about tally marks she suggested we make 100 tall marks on our shirts. She also said that if we didn’t want to do tally marks we could make 100 dots, circles, hearts, really anything we wanted!

Now that our 100 Days of School celebration is over, we are looking forward to celebrating the last 75 days. We have decided that we are going to try and collect 75 stuffed animals or books that we can donate to children who are currently in hospitals across Maine. So, if you have a donation, please send them to Ms. Morrison’s K-2 classroom! We are hopeful we can reach our goal by the end of the school year!


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