Ms. Morrison’s Class – Feelings

Today we spent some time with our new friend Sam. Sam came to teach us how to be kind to each other. I told the students that Sam is from a different school, and has a hard time fitting in. I asked them to come up with reasons for that. At first they didn’t want to say anything mean about Sam but I assured them that just this once it would be ok. Each time someone made a mean comment about Sam we crumpled up a piece of him until he was a crumpled pile of paper. Then we talked about how Sam was feeling and came up with nice things to say about Sam. With each nice comment we smoothed out Sam’s paper. Once he was all smoothed out we noticed something – even though we were kind to Sam after being mean, Sam still wasn’t completely back to normal!! We then discussed how mean words stick with a person and change them. The students shared some of their own stories when they had their feelings hurt and how they still remember how they felt.

We then read the story “Kindness”.


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