Ms. Morrison’s Class – Letter to Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian,

This year we will be working on important math and literacy skills in a variety of ways, including recycling! In using items we normally throw away to create educational games, activities, and projects, we will have the opportunity to learn about reusing items to help our world, as well as practice our reading, writing and math skills. We are Going Green!

Every few weeks, we will start a new unit using a different recyclable material. We will send home a note describing the materials needed and some of the proposed projects. We welcome suggestions and hope to get the children and their families involved in the creative process as the year progresses.

Each letter will also offer a Green Tip to help you reinforce some of the things we are learning in school. We hope you will join us in collecting the materials we will need to create fun and educational projects throughout the year.

Thank you for your help,
Ms. Morrison

footprint To get your child excited about recycling at home, have him or her help you decorate bins that can be used to collect various recyclable items. Use permanent markers (with supervision, of course) to decorate your existing or new recycling bins for aluminum, plastic, and paper products.


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