Ms. Morrison’s Class -Science!

In Ms. Morrison’s room we have been busy planting green beans, lima beans and flowers!

We have been observing the growth of our green beans and recording our observations in our science journals. We take turns watering the plants every other day if they look thirsty!

On June 2nd we planted lima beans but we did it a little differently. Instead of planting the lima bean seeds in soil, we planted them in clear plastic cups with only a paper towel. We are doing an experiment to see how the seeds sprout when they are normally underground. Another thing we are doing differently is we are watering our lima beans with colored water. Some people picked red, some blue, some purple, and some orange. We’re excited to see if they turn colors!

The final project we are doing involves our social studies unit. In social studies we are talking about being good citizens, so to practice this we decided to plant flowers under the sign in front of our school. It’s been a busy way to end our year, but we are having fun and learning, too!


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