Mrs. Noyes’s Class – The Iditarod

Students in Mrs. Noyes’s room have been studying about the Iditarod. This is a 1049 mile dog sled race that stretches from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. The race started on March 3rd and lasted for approximately two weeks. Mushers from all over the world participated in this grueling race. The students learned a lot about the Iditarod by reading informational text, going online, and reading the book, “Woodsong” by Gary Paulsen.

Students chose a musher from this year’s race and tracked that musher from the start to the finish of the race. They also kept a newspaper and wrote about current events pertaining to the race.

As a culminating activity, there was an awards ceremony, at which the top four mushers (students), received prizes, and the other “mushers” were given smaller prizes. Everyone was also given a certificate of participation. They will be watching “Iron Will”, a movie about a dog sled race at a later date.



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