Ms. Morrison’s Class – Veterans Day

Sargent Shawn McLean came to spend some time with the K-2 classroom today. Shawn is a veteran of the war in Iraq. We were able to ask questions and look at all his uniforms and medals. We learned about Veterans Day and why we celebrate it.

Some of our favorite things about Shawn’s visit:
Passing around the medals and awards.
Passing his uniform around.
Looking at all the jackets and the uniforms.
Getting to hold the medals and coins.
The dress uniforms.

What we learned:
They sleep on cots.
He fought in the Iraqui War.
He was in the Army for 6 years, and deployed for 364 days.
It took him 15 hours to get to Iraq.
He used machine guns in training.
He went on an airplane there and back.
He was was an engineer and built houses and buildings with just a floor, walls, and a roof.
He trained every day.

Veterans Day is to honor all the men and women who went to a war. We did the Pledge of Allegiance with Shawn.









Photos in this post taken by guest photographer, 5th grader Morgan Burrill.


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