ERII Service Thanks

Many of our students volunteer their time all throughout the school year.  They make our school community a better place every single day! We want to honor their effort and thank them for everything they do for East Range II School. 

Service Club activities this year included helping with the school Halloween party and the Spring Carnival, making cards and bringing snacks for Staff Appreciation Week, sponsoring a Penny Drive to benefit Manna Industries of Bangor, and providing birthday presents for all the students. The students who participated in the Service Club were Breanna Gilman, Mackenzie Boyd, Owen Patoine, Aaron Cilley, Kale Grass, Cole Harriman, Brittany Beach, Samantha Robinson, Anna Patoine and Cassi Stoddard.

The students who raised the flag each morning were Justin Harriman and Jalen Phelps.

Samantha Robinson and Anna Patoine cleaned the cafeteria tables every single day after lunch.

The students who took turns helping with the daily hot lunch program were Justin Porter, A.J. Beach, Tevin Allen, Cody Merritt, Cassi Stoddard and Grayson Rhoades.

Library Club members helped with a variety of library chores, including returning books to the shelves, preparing new books for circulation, and straightening up shelves. Anna Patoine was the club’s president and personnel manager. The members were Breanna Gilman, Brittany Beach, Samantha Robinson, Anna Patoine, Cole Harriman, Justin Harriman and Jalen Phelps.

We appreciate these efforts particularly because they were done quietly behind the scenes, with a sense of service to others. Thank you, students, for your dedication to East Range II. You represent the best in Ranger Attitude!


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