Spring Fling Week -photos added daily!

Scroll down for photos! 


Our annual Spring Fling will be Monday, May 20th- Friday, May24th. It will be a Carnival theme this year. Below is a schedule of events/times. If you have any questions, please call the school.

Monday – Dress Up – Pajamas ((appropriate clothing)) Relays 10:00-10:30

Tuesday – Dress Up – Crazy Hair Relays 10:00-10:30

Wednesday – Dress Up – Crazy Hat ((make your hat wacky/creative!)) Relays 10:00-10:30

Thursday – Dress Up – Red, White, Blue Carnival ((in gym)) 10:00-11:30

Friday – Lunch – Barbecue, special treat, Prizes, Drawings

If you want to join us for any of these events, we’d love to have you!!!

Mrs. Noyes


Monday: Pajama Day & Relays!


Tuesday: Crazy Hair Day!

Wednesday: Crazy Hat Day!

Thursday: Red, White & Blue Carnival!

Friday: Relays!


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