New Books at ERII!

Jr. High students Britney, Sam and Shaine are showing the new books donated to East Range II School Library recently. Thank you Lisa, Kristen, and Garret from the Saint Croix Regional Family Health Center for the following titles:

“Honeybees”, “This is Rocket Science”, “Planets”, “First Big Book of Dionsaurs”, “Face to Face With Lions”, “Face to Face with Dolphins “, “Face to Face with Whales”, “Face to Face with Polar Bears”, “Face to Face with Wolves”, and “Wall Recharge”.

We really appreciate your gift!



These new library books were purchased for the children as a result of the generous community support of the Scholastic Book Fair. Thank you to everyone who participated.

A note from Mrs. Noyes:
Our annual Scholastic Book Fair on April 9th was a big success. Thanks to your purchases, each teacher was allowed $142.00 to spend on books for the school library, or for his/ her classroom library. The students seem excited about these newest additions. Thank you to the staff, parents and students who helped make this event run smoothly.
-Mrs. Noyes


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