A note from the principal

Dear Parents,

I want to let you know that we have made a change in our Student of the Month program. To try to make it a little more special, we are going to do a Student of the Quarter program this year. There will be a winner from each classroom at the end of each of the four quarters. The winners will be recognized at an assembly and be given prizes for their accomplishment. We will still invite their parents to come to the assembly.

We are continuing our recognition of Honor Roll students by giving them an extra period in the gym with me following each quarter. Last year, we had a great time playing kickball and I think we will continue that again this year. Honor Roll is for kids in grades 3 and up, and does not include art, music, gym, penmanship, or health. However, in order to earn the gym time, students will need to have all grades “B” or higher.

We also want to honor students with perfect attendance each quarter. Those students receive special ice cream and Chandler’s maple syrup for dessert.

Having perfect attendance, making honor roll and being Student of the Quarter is very special, and we want to honor all students who win and encourage others to try to do well.

Thank you,
Mr. Murphy


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