Basketball season is here! Important notice.

Nov. 1, 2012

There are two changes to our junior high basketball program. First, Marie Laney will be coaching the girl’s team, as Ms. Ashlee has taken another job. Second, our school has a new policy concerning concussions. We are committed to the safety of our players, and this policy requires coaches to be trained in watching for possible head injuries and removing players from games who show symptoms of concussion. If a head injury seems like it might be a concussion, players will need to be cleared by a health care professional before they will be allowed to play again. Also, you and your child need to read the Concussion Information Sheet, sign it, and return to school before the first game. ((The concussion sheet has been sent home with your child))

Practice will begin Monday, Nov. 5. Marie and I have decided to divide the players into groups of beginners and more advance players for the first week. After that, the teams will work out separately. I will send the rest of the practice schedule next week.

Monday, Nov 5 and Wednesday Nov 7: 2:30-4:00 ((Samantha, Anna, Katie, Cole, Jacob, Jalen, Shaine, Nathan, Justin H.))

Tuesday, Nov 6 and Thursday Nov 8: 2:30-4:00 ((Brooke, Breanna, Cassi, Grayson, Victoria, Olivia, Britney, Cody S., AJ, Justin P.))

-Mr. Murphy


The basketball game schedule is now online. Click here to view the schedule.


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