East Range II Students participate in the Maine Mock Election

The students participated in the Maine Student Mock Election on Monday, October 29, 2012, at the Topsfield town office. Tammy McLellan set up the voting booths, and officially opened the ballot box for us at 9 a.m. She explained the process to the students, and carefully assisted as they cast their first-ever official mock ballots. Our votes have been sent in to the state mock election center, where they will be counted with student votes from all around Maine. The statewide results will be announced later this week.

Here at East Range II’s 2012 Mock Election, 41 students, grades K-8, voted in the Presidential/Vice Presidential race. They chose Barak Obama and Joe Biden over Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, 28-13.

Additionally, 28 students in grades 3-8 voted in the Congressional and Senatorial races. They elected Michael Michaud over Kevin Raye, 19-9. Angus King, the winner in the U.S. Senate race, received 11 student votes. The remainder of the votes went to Danny Dalton (3), Cynthia Dill (6), Andrew Dodge (1), Charles Summers (6), and Stephen Woods (1).

14 students in grades 6-8 tackled the referendum issues. Those results were as follows: Question #1 was turned down (5-9). The remaining questions were all approved: Question #2 (10-4), Question #3 (11-3), Question #4 (13-1) and Question #5 (10-4).

We appreciate Tammy’s very willing participation in the mock election. The students had a rich and rewarding experience in learning how the voting process works. Thanks, Tammy!

For more information on the Maine Mock Election, visit the official website: Maine.gov, the Maine Mock Election.


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