April Showers winners to date

April Showers Winners are as follows:

April 2nd: Jane Shain, Brookton
April 3rd: Chris White, Brookton
April 3 Chris White, Brookton
April 4 Janice Walker, Topsfield
April 5 Arlene Kinney, Brookton
April 6 Ashley Preston, Danforth
April 9 Jimmy Harriman, Topsfield
April 10 Mike Rhoades, Topsfield
April 11 Matt Steeves, Danforth
April 12 Mike Rhoades, Topsfield
April 13 Tony Phelps, Princeton
April 16 Steve Goodwin
April 17 John Larkin
April 18 Pam Dyer, Topsfield
April 19 Irman Thornton, Woodland
April 20 Vinal Porter
April 23 Keith Harriman, Topsfield
April 24 Michelle Bailey, Calais
April 25 Joe Ruff, Waite
April 26 Pam Dyer, Topsfield
April 27  Sharon Harriman, Topsfield
April 30 Joyce Rhoades, Topsfield




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