Windsor’s Blog – Calais Field Trip Recap

On Wednesday, November 30, East Range II School went on a field trip to a museum in Calais. Some of the exhibits included a canoe, a wigwam, baskets, hieroglyphs carved into rocks, and a model of a shipyard that would have been in Calais a long time ago. The most popular of the exhibits was the “Please Touch Tank”. It was a tank full of marine animals that you could pick up. They included spider crabs, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, sea urchins, and starfish. One of the starfish had two of its legs missing, and you could see that it was in the process of growing them back.

We learned that to make the canoe, they had to steam the wood so that it would bend into the shape of a canoe. We also learned that the bay near the museum is where they found all of the animals in the “Please Touch Tank”. Our tour guide, William, told us that there were two kinds of baskets that they had. One was used for storing food and other items, and others were used just for decoration. Everybody who went had a lot of fun, and we all learned something, including the teachers!

To view more images, click below!

This blog post was written by Windsor Brooks, with images by Chuck Murphy.


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