The East Range II Soccer Teams

Our 2011 Jr. High Team:

Top Row, from left: Coach Mr. Murphy, Christyan Shaine, Cole Harriman, Jacob Harriman, Nathan Gilman, Jalen Phelps, Justin Harriman, & Windsor Brooks & Shane Moore.

Bottom Row, from left: Grayson Rhoades, Leilani Lawless, Breanna Gilman, Samantha Robinson, Kasey Grass, Katie Dyer, & Anna Patoine.

ERII 8th Graders:

Kasey Grass & Windsor Brooks

Our 2011 PeeWee Team:

Top Row: Lilly Rhoades, Coach Miss A., & Allen Cilley.

Middle Row: Faith Fogg, Justin Porter, Cody Merritt, Cassi Stoddard, Gabe Phelps, Connor Fogg, Austin Beech, & Cassidy Bilodeau.

Bottom Row: Phoebe Thornton, Taylor Gilman, Breanna Gilman, Grayson Rhoades, Kale Grass, Waylen Clough, Aaron Cilly, & Jacob Merritt.


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