Fire Prevention

Volunteer firefighters Burr Brakeman and Dale Fish presented a fire
safety program to the students on Tuesday morning, October 11. Burr
and Dale showed and described a variety of gear used by firemen. They
demonstrated how to get dressed in protective suits, boots, and
helmets, as well as how to use the airtanks and masks.

Burr told the children the important things to know in case of a house
fire, such as calling 911, and remembering to stay low to avoid
inhaling smoke and toxic fumes. It’s crucial to remain calm, and
remember that firefighters are there to help. He emphasized that every
family should have an escape plan developed and practiced. Part of the
plan should be to designate a place outside the house, where all the
family members meet up. After the presentation, Burr made time for
the students to comment or ask questions.

Thanks, Burr and Dale, for coming to East Range II School for Fire
Prevention Month. We appreciate not only your time today, but all the
hours you give to the community as you train and work to keep everyone
safe from fire.

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