September Students of the Month

We honored the first three Students of the Month for 2011 at an assembly on Friday. To make the occasion more festive, staff and students were invited to dress up, and many took the opportunity to wear a nice outfit.

Everyone gathered in the gym to hear the names announced by classroom teachers. Each teacher mentioned the outstanding characteristics of the student chosen. In Mrs. Chandler’s room, kindergartner Taylor Gilman was the winner. Mrs. Noyes selected fifth grader Jacob Harriman. Eighth grader Kasey Grass was chosen by both Mr. and Mrs. Murphy to be the first junior high student of the month. All three received a certificate, a Student of the Month pencil, and a $5 gift certificate to the Brookton General Store. Congratulations to September Students of the Month!

During October, students will be encouraged again to show their best effort throughout their days at East Range II School. Someone will be chosen from each classroom, and it could be you!

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