Welcome Back!

I want to welcome everyone back to East Range II School for 2011-2012! The staff and I are looking forward to another great year.

Things will be pretty much as they were last year, but there are a few minor changes. First, our web address is now eastrangeii.wordpress.com. AOS 90, our new district, also has a website that provides a link to ours. Its address is http://www.aos90.org. You can check the website for all kinds of information about what is going on at school.

Another change is that we have a brand new school bus! Hopefully, this will help us avoid breakdowns.

We have one new staff member. Ashley Gifford, from Lee, has been hired as an ed. Tech.

Also new this year, the teachers will be selecting a Student of the Month from each classroom every month. The winner of this award will be the student who worked hardest on school work, was polite and a positive influence on classmates. We are planning a bulletin board display with pictures and the winners will receive a gift certificate. They will also be noted on the school website. The idea is to give students an additional incentive to do well in school.

I hope you all had a great summer!

Mr. Murphy


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